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Prouncing Cheetahs 
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Prouncing Cheetahs
Cheetahs are a member of the cat family and are known by their extra-ordinary speed and stealth when they hunt. They can accelerate from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds, which is faster that most muscle cars of today. To view this gallery, click on the image above.

Giant Pandas
Left arrow Giant Pandas
Giant pandas are mammals in the bear family and is native to small regions of China. Although their diet is 99% bamboo, they occassionally enjoy honey, eggs, fish and roots. There are around only 2000 pandas left in the wild and conservation efforts have been made to make sure they will still be around into the forseeable future.
Endangered Koalas Right arrow
Koalas are marsupial herbivores native to Australia. They were hunted close to extinction for their prized furs until recent. They are now being replenish via breeding programs from zoos around the world.
Endangered Koalas
Red-shanked Duoc Langurs
Left arrow Red-shanked Duoc Langurs
Duoc Langurs consist of 3 species; Red-shanked, Black-shanked, and Gray-shanked. The images here are of the Red-shanked type, which can be found at the San Diego Zoo. They are native to Southeast Asia with a declining population since they are food for the natives.
Mum Festival Right arrow
Chrysanthemums are a genus of about 30 species of perennial flowering plants in the family Asteraceae, native to Asia and northeastern Europe. The pictures here are from the Mum Festival at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.
Mum Festival
Inspiring Sunsets
Left arrow Inspiring Sunsets
A collection of inspiring sunsets from around San Diego and places I've visited in the past.
Muir Woods Right arrow
For those who dreamed of a quiet place to take a walk and see the beauty of nature, Muirwoods would give that experience. Giant trees and sunlight spilling through the folliage make for colorful photographs.
Muir Woods

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Camera Buying Tips
Left arrow Camera Buying Tips
Are you considering the purchase of a digital camera? With a plethora of selections and features currently available, you have many choices to consider. Come on in and read some tips on what to look for at a budget you can afford.
Photography Composition Right arrow
If you have ever wondered why professionals take such great pictures; it is becaused they have master the art of photography composition and know the mechanics of their camera. This short tutorial will give you a brief glimpse into photography composition so you can turn your pictures into something more than just snapshots.
Photography Composition

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Photo Restoration
Left arrow Photo Restoration
Do you have a bunch of scratched, faded or water stained photographs that you would like to restore? It is possible to clean up those images and fixed it so that it can be reprinted or enlarged. Depend on how you value the image, this process can take from a few minutes to many hours.
Photo Retouching Right arrow
This tutorial will show you how to use the clone and selection brush to quickly clean up an image. This includes smoothing out the skin, removing blemishes and other unwanted object in the image. If you have time to kill, after cleaning up the image, you can give that image a personal photo surgery.
Photo Retouching
Photo Merge
Left arrow Photo Merge
This tutorial is more advanced than the cut out tutorial in which you will get to merge a series of photographs into one. If you've ever been to a reunion, you will notice that not everyone will be able to attend. Using the techniques described here, you will be able to make sure your reunion photograph includes everyone!
Photo Cut Out Right arrow
This tutorial will show you the basics of selecting a portion of an image and pasting it into another image. Only basic image processing tools are covered to get you up to speed on your photography software. Software techniques include the use of the selection tool and the use of masks.
Photo Cut Out

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Welcome to! This is a picture gallery created by Ben, a photo enthusiast, to share his collection of photographs with others. New galleries will be added from time to time with new themes or an on going series. I will be sending a newsletter out once every few months with information on the latest uploads, photography and Paint Shop Pro tutorials. Please sign up if interested.

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Photography Tutorial Photography Techniques
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Image Processing Techniques
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  circle Photo Retouching 10/18/2007
  circle Photo Merge 10/18/2007
  circle Photo Cut Out 10/18/2007

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